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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is quickly becoming one of the top choices for interior flooring.  Whether new or old, most concrete can be diamond polished to a high shine that will NEVER need waxes or coatings.  Endless design options can be achieved by adding decorative saw cuts, colors, or even logos to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polished Concrete?

Heavy mechanical machines outfitted with diamonds are used to grind the concrete to different levels of desired shine.  Similar to sandpaper on wood, the diamonds are refining the concrete at different grits.  The concrete is stronger, easier to clean, and also aesthetically pleasing.

Where can Polished Concrete be used?

  • Residential Homes
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses

What are the Benefits of Polished Concrete?

    • Polished Concrete can compete aesthetically with other flooring.  Add the durability and ease of maintenance and it’s hard to beat.
    • Longer Life: Polished Concrete is not as vulnerable to damage as other materials and will never need replacing.
    • Easy to Clean:  It will not harbor dust, dirt, or allergens.
    • Availability: Polished Concrete is available in a wide variety of colors and designs.

  • Reflectivity:  Polished Concrete has a high light reflectivity.
  • Use:  Best for Heavy Traffic areas.
  • Best of All:  Super easy to maintain.

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